ResumeBully provides each client with a personalized service recommendation and quote based on the needs of the individual as determined from our initial conversation at project launch.

At the core of our business, we believe that the client comes first.  We must provide value to you, our clients.  To that end, we do not automatically accept every project request.  If you already have a great resume, we will tell you, and we will never charge you for a service you don’t need.

We strive to put you in the best possible situation to succeed in your career search.  Because of that, we provide our services only when:

  • We know that there is a great opportunity for us to enhance your job search with a great resume, or other service that we offer.
  • What you define as a successful outcome aligns with what we are able to deliver.
  • We agree that the service you have selected is the one that will yield the best outcome given what you are looking for
  • We have the capacity to provide the high-quality work that our clients deserve and expect in a timely fashion.



Entry Level

  • Requires completion of the ResumeBully Job History Questionnaire


  • Complete, from scratch development of a new resume
  • Independent research conducted by our team to understand the field and role that the client is looking to enter
  • Description of academic and/or work accomplishments relevant to the desired role
  • Description of duties and responsibilities of all prior work history, as applicable
  • Description of degrees, certifications, and any other qualifications, as applicable

Professional or Technical


  • Everything from the Entry Level package
  • Up to two tailored resumes targeted at similar positions
  • Description of formal and/or informal training
  • Description of previous special assignments and accomplishments
  • Reference from the ResumeBully internal job description library to expand on the provided job description and present a deeper understanding of the industry the client is pursuing
  • Independent research conducted by our team on current and previous companies worked for to expand on the type of company (i.e. start-up, Fortune 500, private, public, etc.) and industries supported
  • Use of industry-specific language, including keywords and acronyms (critical for a technical resume)
  • Description of industry associations and involvement



  • Everything from the Professional/Technical package
  • Tailored resumes that may be targeted at similar positions in two different industries
  • Overview of strategic, broad achievements, utilizing key metrics, to drive corporate change, change, and/or profitability (or other major effect)
  • Tailored cover letter

Resume Refresher

Exclusively for clients that have an existing resume.


  • A general review and update to the existing resume
  • Reformatting, including misalignments, excessive bulleting, excessive bolding, inconsistencies in language and formatting, etc.
  • Layout modernization
  • Correction of spelling and grammar errors

Additional Services

  • Cover Letters
  • Multiple targeted resumes
  • LinkedIn profile development/update