About Us

Since 2009, ResumeBully has provided professional resume writing services to help each of our clients achieve their job search goals.  Our writers have substantial experience in corporate recruiting and human resources, giving our team unique insight into exactly what employers are looking for and what it takes to make a resume stand apart from the crowd.

The writers at ResumeBully have viewed thousands of resumes and filled hundreds of positions.  We have taken our experiences from that side of the job search process and have brought it to ResumeBully.  We apply the lessons we have learned to successfully tailor resumes suited to the unique qualifications and experiences of each and every client.

Our team has experience helping clients with a variety of career goals and challenges.  We’ve helped individuals in almost every situation possible, from creating an individual’s very first resume as they prepare to enter the workforce to writing executive-level resumes for individuals looking to move to the highest positions in their field.  We have written resumes for individuals that have recently lost their positions due to company downsizings or experienced other long-term gaps in their employment.  We even have helped clients that were looking to make a major career change and left one industry to start in another.

While there are many companies and writers out there that offer similar services, ResumeBully takes a personal approach to every single project we undertake.  Many of our competitors communicate with clients exclusively online.  While email and other modern technologies are valuable tools, we believe that a personal conversation is the only way to truly get to know each client and be able to deliver the highest quality resume.  It is because of that belief that we start every single project with a live conversation with someone from our team, either in person or over the phone.  This conversation lays the groundwork for the rest of the project.

During this conversation, we conduct a needs assessment.  Our team works one-on-one with each client to gain an understanding of what exactly they are looking for, where they are coming from, where they are looking to go, and how we can help them.  We then begin the process of building a from scratch resume that presents a holistic view of our client.  The resume is crafted to convey the education, credentials, accomplishments, and career direction of a client while framing it from an employer’s perspective and how the individual can become a high-performing and valued member of the organization.

Our job is to make sure that everything that you offer to an organization as a potential employee is presented to them in such a way that it does not get lost in the clutter of hundreds of applications, but rather, stands out and moves them to considering you further for the position.  Let the team at ResumeBully help you today.